ACMV & Refrigeration System Installation

We ensure trouble-free installation of chiller works, including refrigeration plant upgrading.

A veteran player in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) market, we have a strong foundation in the design, testing, commissioning and installation of ACMV and chiller/refrigeration systems.

With a growing portfolio including completed projects for both new and existing residential, public and commercial buildings, we have grown from strength to strength building a reputation as a contractor of engineering expertise and excellence.

Electrical Engineering & System

We are skilled in all aspects of design, installation and repair of electrical engineering and system.

A fundamental part of every building’s infrastructure, electrical systems are integral to uptime and uninterrupted operations of any premise. Our team of in-house team of electrical engineers and site specialists are accredited to provide the full-spectrum of installation and maintenance works, and are committed to planning and developing optimal solutions for our clients in a time-efficient manner.

Architectural and Structural Works

We execute high-quality alteration and addition works with minimal disruption to live buildings.

Central to the integrity and robustness of every building is its quality architectural and structural construction. Since 2007, we made headway into Alterations and Additions (A&A) space and is today a fully fledged A&A specialist. With the requisite manpower and expertise, we work closely with our clients to see alterations work through planning to completion and handover phases, while meeting the standard industry code and regulatory requirements.

From minor fitouts to complete rebuilding, we strive to deliver quality and efficiency while ensuring minimal disruption to live premises.

Cleanroom and Process Piping

Our design and build cleanroom systems are optimised for short- and long-term energy and cost savings.

As the arteries of industrial processes, piping systems ensure smooth running of operations in the back end. Any glitch will mean a possible breakdown, hence the design/concept phase of piping systems must factor in various local conditions including load at piping connections, building drainage, etc.

Here at Peng Yap, our engineering experts will ensure that all piping works are carried out in line with industry standards, according to specifications.

One of our niche specialisation areas, cleanroom systems require stringent standards to be observed due to their unique nature spanning industries such as pharmaceuticals and biological sciences. Helmed by our team of specialists, we have overseen the design, build and installation of cleanroom systems on time, while meeting the technical and budget objectives of our clients.

Compress Air Installation & Integration

We solve compressed air system challenges and undertake whole-cycle workflow from design and maintenance to equipment provision.

We design compress air systems according to your layout and system requirements. However small or large your requirements are, you know you can come to us.

Sanitary & Plumbing and Fire Protection System

Our compliance with industry standards ensure optimum safety and sanitation in all settings.

Proper plumbing and sanitation in a building is crucial to the safe management and disposal of wastewater, and safeguards the health and safety of its occupants. Our plumbing engineers are able to advise on the coordination of your systems with the buildings’s heating and air-conditioning systems, and are experienced in installation, repair and servicing works.

Similarly, fire protection systems play an indispensable role by protecting occupants from unprecedented risks.