About Us

Our Corporate Profile

Founded in 1998, Peng Yap M&E Systems is proud to be a total solutions provider in Singapore's Mechanical & Engineering (M&E) space. Our in-house team of highly skilled field specialists and qualified engineers are unified by a commitment to industry best practices, and keep abreast of latest technologies cutting across M&E disciplines, to deliver the most feasible solution for our clients.

Growing from strength to strength, we have successfully executed projects and designed & fabricated entire systems for a cliente portfolio spanning both private and public sectors.

Why Us

Our multi-faceted M&E expertise and a history of close collaboration with our clients allow us to overcome challenges and handover each project to satisfaction.

Where system design and custom fabrication are required, our wealth of experience over the years equip us to overcome any technical and tactical challenge faced, with optimum time and cost efficiency.

We serve the following business types:



stands for the enduring principles we are rooted in and the experience we strive to deliver:

Stakeholder Engagement

Close cooperation with our customers to ensure no request is overlooked


Working as ONE to accomplish our mission


Behind every successful project are our people, our greatest assets

Engineering Excellence

We build on our years of extensive experience to deliver quality on par with the best in the industry

Responsible & Robust

Do the right things and do things right to produce lasting results


Each completed project is a fine addition to our growing portfolio



To establish ourselves as an innovative leader and best-in-class solutions provider in the competitive ACMV space



To provide value to our stakeholders (customers, employees and partners) through a strong growth momentum in an evolving market